Waste to Energy Cranes

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Waste to Energy Cranes (WTE)

Complete Solutions to your Waste to Energy Plant

1. Slag Cranes

  • Manual Cranes
  • Clamshell grab as most convenient lifting tools
  • Standard Hoist up to M6 Mounted
  • 2. Maintenance Hoist

  • up to 3 - 5 Ton Capacity
  • M4 duty needed
  • Used to ease the maintenance of the main waste
  • Handling cranes
  • 3. Waste handling Cranes

  • Process cranes ensuring the needed tons / years to be treated (cycle)
  • Semi - automation or Full automatic cranes
  • Solutions by open winch in M7 - M8 duty strongly recommended
  • Crane redundancy recommended in case of failure
  • If you would like to purchase the Waste to Energy Crane or require maintenance services, please Contact Us