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Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOTC)

Overhead Cranes Singapore, Serving many lifting applications across industries.

At MPH Cranes Singapore, we are able to offer Advance, Quality and Reliable Overhead Cranes Lifting equipment in Singapore.

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (EOTC) as name suggests are a crane that travels on a set of rails above the shop floor. It is also sometimes refer as bridge cranes or workshop cranes.


EOTC allows movement of load in all type of industries and lifting application. They are design and use to cover the maximum amount of work area with the minimum intrusion.


Our EOTC are ideal for use in any industrial being fully customisable in terms of length, height and capacity and configurable using a wirerope hoist type or chain hoist type. We are confident we will be able to fulfil all your lifting requirements.


Our overhead cranes capacity ranges from 250 kg all the way up to 400 Ton.

Why Choose Us

We are able to provide 1 stop solution for your cranes need from the design stage to the commissioning of the complete crane complete with submission to the authorities.

Overhead Crane Features

Customized Overhead Cranes

Customization the overhead cranes to the prevailing layout and with respect to the workflow of your facility to increase maximum productivity.

Meticulously Engineered

Carefully design and calculation by our engineers to ensure structure integrity and prolonging the working life of the EOTC.

Full inverter control

Full inverter control for the hoisting, cross travelling and long travel of the EOTC.

Data-logger system (Black Box)

Data-logger system (Black Box) for the overhead cranes. This allows the system to capture the usage and operation of the overhead cranes. Be it the amount of start-stop, to the operating hours of the overhead crane.

Overhead Crane Design

Compact hoist motor design

Compact hoist motor design ensures better hook approach thus maximise the available lifting area.

No counter-weight for hoisting unit

No counter-weight for hoisting unit. Advantage is that this make the hoist lighter, reduce the moment of inertia and most importantly reduce the wheel-loading requirement to the building.

Reduce wear and tear to the cranes

Reduce wear and tear to the cranes due to the lighter overall weight and increase efficiency during operation.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity as the hoisting speed is able to go from 25% up to 60% faster when the maximum capacity >25%.

Overhead Crane Maintenance

Modular design

Modular design ensures minimum downtime as faulty parts can be swap out instantly.

Quick connectors

Quick connectors facilitate maintenance and reduce disassembly and assembly time.

top commercial brand Electric components

Electric components used are from top commercial brand. (e.g. Schneider, Weidmüller, etc.) When the components are due for replacement, you are not being force to buy from the original crane supplier at “cut-throat” pricing.

Enclosed gear housing

Enclosed gear housing ensures all gears are constantly lubricated in oil a bath. The system ensures maintenance to the gear box is reduce to the minimum.

If you would like to purchase the Overhead Cranes, require maintenance services, please Contact Us