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Monorail Hoist Cranes Singapore

Apart from jib crane, Monorail Hoist crane is another type of workstation. The main difference is the monorail Hoist crane can span to across a few workstations or the entire length of the workshop but a jib can only reach within a certain radius.


A Monorail Crane can be used for maintenance, assembly or QC type of operation.


The design and mounting of the Monorail Hoist Crane will determine how the Monorail Hoist Crane can be use. When install under the ceiling, the Monorail Hoist Crane will be the main cranes operating in the area. When install with its own standing structure, it can be used as a stand-alone system or to complement the existing EOTC cranes.


A monorail Hoist crane will always be consider a fixed structure with a movable chain hoist or wire rope hoist traversing to and fro the length of the monorail beam.


Our Monorail Hoist Crane capacity ranges from 250 kg all the way up to 12.5Ton.

  • Key Features of MPH Cranes Monorail Hoist Cranes
  • Cost effective as it is one of the more cheaper fixed crane solution, easier to install and straight forward to maintain in compare to an EOTC
  • Customisability allows the monorail beam to be as long as required with sufficient support and as many hoisting units as required on the same monorail beam.
  • Manual/Electrical options are available. Manual type can be use when the crane is deployed in areas where electricity is not readily available. Electrical option can be selected when speed of the work flow is critical.
  • Invertor control options available for the hoisting and cross travel.
  • MPH Cranes Monorail Hoist Cranes Design
  • Versatility in our design ensures there will be a configuration that will suit your needs. We are capable to design, fix monorail, full structured monorail, telescopic monorail, curve track monorail, overhead and under hung type monorail crane system.
  • Flexibility in a monorail crane means it can be install in places where an EOTC cranes is not possible.
  • Expendability to the length of the monorail is made possible when provisions are made before the installation of the monorail Hoist Cranes.

If you would like to purchase the Monorail Hoist Crane or require maintenance services, please Contact Us