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JIB Crane

Jib Crane is an ideal solution for the movement of loads in a circular area next to the working place. The Jib crane provide lifting in a single workstation for compact and easy installation. Contact us for more information of Jib Cranes Installation and Services in Singapore

Jib crane can be a small capacity crane use as workstation lifting system for maintenance, assembly or QC type of operation.


Jib cranes are usually categorized into wall mounted type and floor/column mounted type. Both configurations will allow the user to carry out their lifting within a certain radius.


Due to their non-intrusive nature, they can work in tandem with an existing overhead or gantry cranes. Each workstation can have 1 unit jib cranes for their daily operation and only use the main EOTC for heavier lifts.


Our jib cranes can be also be custom and design to use as a port jib for handling heavy load in a marine environment. We term them as marine jib cranes and can be found along jetty or piers.


By selecting our Jib crane, we are confident we will be able to fulfill all your lifting requirements.


Our Jib capacity ranges from 250 kg all the way up to 20 Ton.

Why Choose Us

Jib Cranes Features


Flexibility as the jib crane work in tandem below the main EOTC/gantry to cover the individual workstation while leaving the main cranes for heavier operations.

Highly Customization

Customization of the jib crane allows it to be installed anywhere in the workshop with customized height, outreach and slewing speed.

Manual/Electrical options

Manual/Electrical options are available. Manual type can be use when the crane is deployed in areas where electricity is not readily available. Electrical option can be selected when speed of the work flow is critical.

360˚ rotation

360˚ rotation is possible but only applicable for standalone pillar type jib.

Jib Cranes Design


Versatility in our jib cranes design means we are able to design and install wall mount type jib cranes, column/pillar mounted type jib cranes, articulating type jib cranes, industrial type jib crane, marine use type jib cranes, etc.

Variety of hoisting option

Variety of hoisting option for the jib cranes as you can choose between chain hoist, wire-rope hoist, manual type or electrical type of hoisting option.

Simple and straightforward design

Simple and straightforward design ensures flexibility in the usage of the jib cranes without compromising in the productivity of the operators.

Jib Cranes Maintenance

Modular design

Modular design easy assembly and disassemble. Parts can be easily replace or relocated to new environment.

Simple systems

Simple systems of the jib crane means less components that can breakdown and in turn require only the essential type of type of preventive maintenance for it to last a long time.

If you would like to install JIB Cranes or require maintenance services, please Contact Us