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Gantry Cranes

Crane Application: Your Outdoor Crane Solution

We at MPH Cranes are able to offer you superior quality and technology cranes at market beating prices. 

A common design typically found in outdoor applications primarily due to the absence of a building and runway structure, It is found indoor on some occasions too. 


Gantry cranes allow the movement of loads in all type of industries and applications. 

GH gantry cranes run on a railway by means of legs of support. Unlike the EOT cranes, the railways are located on the floor. 

Our cranes are available from 1 ton up to 100 tons in standard version and in open winch/built up trolleys up to 400 tons.

Why Choose Us

Our Promises

When you buy a new crane from us. We ensure that you are paying for the following:

+ Safety

+ Competitive Pricing

+ Superior Technology

+ Reliability

+ Durability

– Maintenance

Superior Hoist Technical Features

Smooth running. Acceleration/deceleration control to prevent dangerous swing

Electric braking, allowing the service brake to work as a safety brake in practice

Compact design for the closest approaches, making efficient use of available space

No Counter weight = lower moments of inertia

Minimum duty service classification ISO M5

C-Shaped design for better approaches

Reduced weight, transmitting less stress to the structure

Crane Specification

Cross Travel Motor :
Speed regulation by frequency inverter
Direct Drive, with 2 wheels on each side of girder

Hoisting Motor :
Encoder safety
IP- 55 Protection
Duty Cycle 60% ED

Helical gears :
Smooth Running
Excellent Lubrication
All gears in closed housing with oil bath

Wire roper guide :
Latest-generation materials
Longer wire rope life with less wear

Lowest Maintenance

At MPH, We cannot emphasize more on building a quality crane that requires minimum maintenance. We understand the need for a good and reliable crane, thus we do not just build a crane for you.

We also ensure that the crane has the most practical application for your workplace and minimize downtime to maximize production.

If you would like to purchase the Gantry Cranes, require maintenance services, please Contact Us