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MPH Cranes Electrical Chain Hoist

MPH Cranes Supplies several Popular Electric Chain Hoists Brands Such as YALE, PLANETA etc.
Electric Chain Hoist has a wide scope of usage and can be used for Overhead cranes, Jib cranes, A Frame Crane, Monorail Crane and other type of applications. Lifting Capacities ranges from 100 Kg upwards, in foot mounted, single girder type, with cross travel movement trolley, push and motorized. Strong and compact, of modular construction and easy maintenance.


For low lifting usage, consider using a chain hoist as a cost saving alternative to wire rope hoist.  

About Yale Electric Chain Hoist

YALE Electric Chain Hoist is the leading brand for electric chain hoist equipment in Europe.  They are the most reliable and cost effective chain hoist solution with the latest step-less control technology for accurate lifting.

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