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MPH Cranes Chain Hoist

MPH Cranes Supplies several Popular Chain Hoists Brands Such as YALE, PLANETA, etc.
Chain Hoist has a wide scope of usage and can be used for Overhead cranes, Jib cranes, A Frame Crane, Monorail systems and other type of applications. Lifting Capacities ranges from 100 Kg upwards, in foot mounted, single girder type, with cross travel movement trolley, push and motorized. Strong and compact, of modular construction and easy maintenance.


The main benefit of using a chain hoist is cost savings. If the load and operation duration that you require is usually low. Using a chain hoist would help you save costs and still perform the job. 

About YALE Chain Hoist

YALE is the leading brand for manual hoisting equipment in Europe. As early as 1877, YALE produced the first spur-geared hand chain hoist incorporating the weston screw-and-disc type load brake – a design principle which is still used today. 
The product range as all new and further development if YALE in the individual product sectors constantly raised the bench mark for quality, realibility and safety. 

If you would like to purchase the Chain Hoist, require maintenance or any service, please Contact Us and depart a message to us.

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