Boat Hoist (Travel Lift)

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Boat Hoist / Travel Lift

MPH (GH) Boat Hoist , Travel lift / automotive gantry crane on wheels, allow the movement of loads in all types of industries and applications with autonomy.

In MPH (GH), we offer a wide array of generator or diesel power gantries, with a range of 20 t to 440 t. All of them are robustness, easy to use, easy maintained and handling,and they are very useful for sectors in the prefabricated industry, outdoor logistic storehouses (wind energy, prefabricated concrete structures, boilermaking, Rubber Tired Gantry crane RTG, etc.)


Like a gantry crane on tyres. Our Travel lifts allows the movement of loads in all industries and applications. Robustness, ease of use, ease of maintenance and manoeuvrability are their main features.    The range of capacities starts at 10 ton and go up to 400 ton in its standard version. The characteristics of this equipment allow a perfect adaptation to different industries handling loads in free spaces.

If you would like to purchase the Boat Hoist / Travel Lift, require maintenance or any service, please Contact Us and depart a messageto us.

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