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A Frame Crane (Portable Gantry)

A frame crane also known as Portable Gantry Crane is a versatile and small crane that is commonly used in small work area. It can be easily transported and suitable for many wide range of light weight lifting requirements. At MPH Cranes, we offer the widest range of A frame cranes in Singapore. Contact us for more information.


A frame cranes are so versatile that you can deploy them onto any worksites/ workshop (indoor/outdoor) and the crane can start lifting almost immediately.


Our A Frame cranes can be customized to be on wheels or to be anchor to a fix location. The length and height of the A Frame cranes can be fully customized to your requirement. Although we do not recommend the unit to be too big as it will be unsafe for the operator to move it around.


For the units on wheels, you can be able to be push out of the way when not in use to free up the workspace. With the selection of our A Frame crane, we are confident we will be able to fulfill all your lifting requirements.


Our A Frame cranes capacity ranges from 250 kg all the way up to 5 Ton.

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective

Our A frame crane as it is one of the more cheaper lifting solution, easiest to deploy and put in storage.


Our A Frame crane makes the most versatility lifting equipment you can have in your workshop/worksite

Meticulously Engineered

Carefully design and calculated by our engineers to ensure structure integrity and optimum configuration for your requirements

Manual/Electrical Options

Manual/Electrical options are available. Manual type can be use when the crane is deployed in areas where electricity is not readily available. Electrical option can be selected when speed of the work flow is critical.

A Frame Crane Design

Simple and lightweight

Simple and lightweight design ensures mobility of the A Frame crane.

Easily Disassembled

Disassembly option for easy transport, and storage.

Variety of hoisting option

Variety of hoisting option for the A-Frame as you can choose between chain hoist or wire-rope hoist option.

BCA certification

BCA certification not a requirement as it is not fixed permanent to the existing structure.

If you would like to purchase A Frame Crane or require maintenance services, please Contact Us